Chad Mendes has a nickname of “Money”, not because he chases it, but because his right hand is right on it! He is a Mixed Martial Arts Bad Ass who has fought the best, beat the best, and has been a true man when he did face defeat. He believes in living life just like he believes in preparing for and being in a scramble! Work hard, stay humble, have fun, and treat people just as you want to be treated. Although he is a celebrity, he loves to wet a line, draw back his bow, or squeeze the trigger with all walks of life through his successful outfitting business, Finz and Feathers Guide Service. Matt Pendola is a successful trainer who believes in “making a better you” on a daily basis. Chad Mendes and Matt Pendola are like two peas in a pod! They join Chad Belding in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio to discuss things from training to nutrition to eating wild game to dealing with haters! They also answer fan questions from Instagram Live and maybe even form a future partnership! This Podcast…is Right on the Money!! Find Chad Mendes on Instagram at @chadmendes and Pendola Training at @pendolaproject.