Hendo is known around the world as an MMA Legend who did his talking with his wrestling and his hands! When we say hands, we are referring to the “H-Bomb”, the most feared right hand in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Even after all of the fights, all of the wins, just a few losses, and having a fan base that is spread all over the world, Hendo has refused to let celebrity and success go to his head. He continues to stay grounded and treat people as if they are the only one in the room. His success has carried over into his personal life as he raises an awesome family, builds a successful business, and represents brands that still cherish him as the Bad Ass that he was, and is!! He might do his talking with other things these days besides his wrestling and hands as his arsenal now includes a Benelli, a bow, a grill, and a ski boat as well as that same smile that made him the face of MMA for so many years! Join him and Chad in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio and see if Hendo ends the Podcast with an H-Bomb! Find him on Instagram at @danhendo.