It seems that conversation has become a thing of the past. A simple chat is almost extinct. A smartphone and this phenomenon we call Social Media have replaced a cup of coffee and a face to face talk. For some of us, getting back to our roots is important. This might not be everyone’s stance and that is ok. We just feel speaking and conversing is important and that is what this podcast is all about. This Life Ain’t For Everybody is a conversation, a discussion, a chat, a simple talk between Chad Belding and his guests. Guests and Topics will range from hunting to conservation to sports to music to current events and everything in between. We want you to join us each week for conversation that might spark a memory or even inspire an idea! We don’t know it all, and we don’t pretend to. We want to listen, learn and showcase the many walks of life that make up our communities all over the world. We all come from different avenues on this road map called Life. Some of us have a lot in common, some of us don’t, the only way to find out for sure is to sit down and talk, and more importantly, listen! Welcome to This Life Ain’t For Everybody!

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